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What is Task Enter®?

Task Enter® is a Corporate Social Network that allows you to increase the productivity of your organization. It offers you tools for measurement, control, communication, time management and much more so that you and your collaborators are a great work team


Know the new s we have for you

Teamwork requires more than willingness and technological innovation is a great contribution in measuring group results, with Task Enter® you can manage projects and improve internal corporate communication.

Project and Group Management

In this module you will have the possibility to create projects and groups to assign tasks to your company's collaborators. Our APP Task Enter® organizes all operations in one place and strategically.

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Borderless communication

The Task Enter® video calling tool increases productivity. You can communicate immediately 24 hours a day and it also allows you to share content in real time, have conversations with excellent audio quality and high definition.

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Did you imagine your own Corporate Social Network?

With Task Enter® it is now possible

Task Enter® closer communication

This network allows you to create project groups, measure productivity and navigate cyberspace with all the members of the organization.

Create a solid internal communication base with your work team. You will be able to share corporate news, videos, music and attachments.

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Task Enter® Calendar and Events

This module will allow your internal clients to organize their time for the fulfillment of tasks and do not forget their meetings. With the calendar, the entire organization will be able to see the agenda of each one.

Task Enter® linked to your email

You can link your corporate email with the email generated by our application grupotrabajo@taskenter.com in this way it sends emails that become tasks for your work team.


Productivity to the limit!

This analysis tool is vital for the employer, since it allows you to measure the efficiency results of your work team from the administrative platform.

Through this meter you can control the productivity of your organization, since it offers you exact and ordered statistical data to find the difficulties easier and correct them.

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Take care of the planet

With the implementation of this APP you will avoid using a notebook and printing unnecessarily, since all the information of the operation is recorded and presented in an orderly and easy-to-consult manner.


Streamline communication

Task Enter® was created in order to streamline communication between all members of a work team even if they are not geographically close.


Live chat

Chat with your collaborators easily and simply, either from your PC or iOS or Android cell phone at full speed.

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Create tasks by Groups or projects

This type of Task Enter® organization allows you to work for specific teams or projects. With an administrator you can control that certain information is seen only by the indicated people.

Task chat and system

Specialized task manager

You will never miss an activity again. Task Enter® will remind you through its WEB application or its APP

Video calls and chat

Video calls

You are at a convention in Mexico City, but you have to work on a project with your work team. No problem, just connect and make your meeting in real time.

All browsers

Compatible corporate communication in:

Any Android device, iPhone, Tablet, iPad, Pc, Mac and Linux. Access to Task Enter® is unlimited, you can access it through the WEB application or the APP.

Statistics and reports

Statistics and reports

Analyze the evolution of your projects, measure and control with exact statistics generated by Task Enter®

Rocket teamwork

Teamwork Better results!

Teamwork requires order and that everyone is informed of the company's processes, Task Enter® is your powerful corporate communication tool.

Reports and BIG DATA

Automatic databases

Your databases will be created as you use the application and in a short time you will have a reliable and easily accessible database.

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For each user who registers and acquires Task Enter®, we will donate 10% of the purchase to the Red de Arboles Foundation.