TaskEnter Logo
We are a creation of Grupo NW holding, a company specialized in technological developments of high global impact. We focus our innovation on technological development to empower Task Enter® as a Corporate Social Network that allows you to increase the productivity of your organization. We work under a very simple approach: strategic productivity.

Why trust us?

Our experience in technological development allows us to guarantee effective communication with the internal client within an organization, which is why Task Enter® will give a 360º turn to your organizational climate strategy in:

Why trust us?
1. Promote internal company communication
2. Share the talent of collaborators.
3. Increase employee motivation.
4. Generate a sense of belonging.
5. Retain talent.
We hope that your business model improves its processes making your collaborators happier.

Remember that for each payment made we donate 10% of the purchase to the Red de Arbol Foundation.

Tree Network

The Red de Arbol Foundation is the corporate daughter of the NW Group and works as a social and environmental responsibility, for the conservation of areas eroded by the action of man or nature, in different parts of the country

We are committed to the environment and we know that together we will achieve significant change.